Thank you for your interest in renting a Prime Property home.  As you begin the process of renting from us there are a few simple steps you should follow.

1. See if you qualify. Prime Property manages newly constructed or recently renovated properties developed by Neighborhood Restorations and WPRE. All of these properties are income restricted, meaning every tenant must have an income below a level established by HUD. To see if you and/or your family qualify please see the tab to the right "Do I Qualify".

2. Fill out an Application. Once you are confident that you qualify to rent from us, you will need to fill out an application. You can do so by completing the application found by clicking the "Application" tab shown to the right. Simply fill is out, print it out and send it to our office along with a $35 money order to process your application. Once we receive your application it will take us about 2 weeks to get back to you to let you know if you meet our tenant selection criteria. To review our Tenant Selection Criteria click the tab to the right.  If your application is approved and for any reason decide not to move into one of our homes, we will hold your approved application for 1 year so if you change your mind, you will not have to reapply.

3. Find a home that's right for you. Please search our available homes using our "search rentals" link to the right. This link will provide you with our available/soon to be available property list. This list is constantly changing, so check back often if you don't initially see something that interests you. Once you find a home your interested in you can call our Rental Agent at 267-284-1401 to schedule a showing of the property.

4. Sign your Lease. Once you have been accepted, we will require your security deposit, and first months rent to hold the apartment for you. And then require you to sign a 1 year lease. A copy of the lease is available for you to review under the tab "Lease Template" on the right.

5. Enjoy your new home! Upon your move in you can expect only the most professional and responsive management services from us for the duration of your lease. So enjoy your new home and leave all the maintenace and expenses that come with home ownership to us.